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Do you want to sell more hearing aids?
We generate verified leads for your clinic.

How we can help you
sell more hearing aids

How it works in three easy steps

Do you want to book more appointments?

We have an easy three-step process that can help you with that.


Lead generation

We generate high-quality leads through engaging online videos


Quick phone call

You call the leads and book an appointment with your clinic


In your clinic

The leads get a free test and consultation and potentially buy a hearing aid

What we require from you

We only have three requirements from you. You should provide:

  1. Outstanding customer service

  2. Free and non-binding hearing tests and consultations for the leads that we provide you

  3. You share the result of how the lead performed (conversion, money spend, what type of hearing aid the lead bought, etc.) in a 90-second online survey


Each lead costs $29. There is no upfront payment, and we guarantee that the lead will show up. So if a lead is a no-show, you won’t be charged.

The price covers:

Interested? Let's talk

We’re looking for 1-10 partners per city, depending on population size and geography.

Please fill out the form below if you think we’ll be a good match for your clinic, and we’ll give you a call within 5 business days.

Frequently asked questions

We take care of pretty much everything, so it requires a minimum of implementation effort from your side.

To figure out if you should buy leads from us, you should ask yourself two questions.

  1. How much is your expected average gross profit per customer (profit after expenses to hearing aids)?
  2. How often do you expect to convert a lead?

Let’s make an example. If your average gross profit per customer is $2,000 and you expect to convert a lead 10% of the time, a lead from us is on average worth $2,000 x 10% = $200. After $29 expenses to Hearimprove, your average profit per lead is $200-$29 = $171 for every single lead we send to you.

In other words, if “expected average gross profit per customer” x “conversion rate” is higher than $29, there is a good chance a partnership makes sense for your business.

Our price is on a pay-per-lead basis. Therefore, if a lead doesn’t buy a hearing aid, the lead will still cost $29.

However, if the lead’s contact information is wrong (phone number doesn’t work etc.), you’ll be covered by our lead guarantee and won’t be charged.