How can this service be free?

Are you wondering how we can provide professional nationwide hearing tests for free?

Here is our secret…

“Hearing loss is one of the largest untreated health conditions in the world”

Why we exist

Hearing loss is one of the largest untreated health conditions in the world. However, not enough people are aware of their hearing loss or the many negative side effects hearing loss causes.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the benefits of hearing loss and the positive impact of getting a better hearing. 

Therefore HearImprove’s purpose is to guide and inform all people with potential hearing loss.

What we do​

But what is the best way to guide and inform as many people as possible?

We believe that the best way to reach as many as possible is to provide a “free for all” service.

Therefore we’ve created a website that’s 100% free to use.

However, a website alone can’t give you all the answers for you or your family member’s particular hearing loss.

That’s why we also offer an in-person 100% free professional hearing test at a hearing clinic near you and a subsequent 100 % free consultation that will tell you the best way to improve your hearing.

In short, here’s what we can do for you:

How we can do it 100% free

To keep our entire website free to use and provide free professional hearing tests and consultations, we’ve partnered up with hearing specialists all around the world. All our hearing specialist partners have agreed to provide free hearing tests and consultations.

Although we guarantee that this offer is 100% free, hearing aids are unfortunately not. Should you need hearing aids, our partnered hearing specialists can, of course, help find the best one for you. To clarify, and for the sake of transparency, the potential sale of a hearing aid is our partner’s upside, for which they pay us a small fee, so we can keep our website free to use and give you a free hearing test and consultation.

In our opinion, this is a win-win situation for both you and the hearing specialists. You get all the preliminary tests and consultations for free, meaning that if you don’t have a hearing loss or don’t want to buy a hearing aid, you don’t have to spend a dime. The hearing specialist might sell a hearing aid. And at HearImprove, we get one step closer to realize our purpose to inform and guide all people with potential hearing loss.

Do you want to know how you can improve your hearing?

If you do, or you want to help a family member improve their hearing, all you have to do is click the button below and start your journey by filling out the form.